The New Televigion

Hello, you. It’s been a while. Just over sixteen months, in fact.

The new plan is to jot down thoughts for public consumption. Not necessarily anything to do with TV, other than the fact that everything my brain does is to do with TV. And if there are any ideas interesting enough, they might become something written for the visual medium.

The other plan is for Televigion: The Podcast to return in a new form. It will be shorter, more focused and less of a time-burden to produce. I think it will be called Televigion: Pilot Season. The latest pocket of the Televigion Cinematic Universe.

And now, so that this isn’t just a status update, a taste of the type of thoughts to come.

I like this pen that Rachel bought me for my birthday. It has been saved until I had my (creative) life back and so here we are. The dimples on the sleeve where my fingers sit are just present enough to enjoy but not distract. And the ink flows, but doesn’t coat my left ring finger as it drags along this sentence1. Obviously some ink residue is inevitable, proof of creative issue. It’s pleasing to have proof2.

1 Clearly I have now typed this up and if I had ink on my fingers from typing I’d be doing it wrong.

2 Digital proof, in both cases.

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