Episode 18 – It’s Christmas (Televigion)!

The Latest Televigion Podcast Episode! James is on his own again to do his last shifts before Christmas but talks about some communal Christmas watching; Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! and Sports Personality of the Year. Also featured this week Correspondence :-The Televigion Mum and The Very Special Correspondent Mum i.e. my Auntie Sheila […]

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Episode 17 – Televigion BOGOF

It is time for a change in Televigion. Rachel and James are co-hosting this week and that may be the way of things from now on. Conversations every time! We start proceedings with a discussion of what makes US podcasts different and then we delve into Christmas TV and James’ Christmas Radio Times ritual. Also featured this week […]

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Episode 16 – The Ghosts of Televigion Past

It looks like Christmas nostalgia has done wonders for James’ memory of Televigion past. Thanks Christmas Gold! Contained within we have Correspondence :- The Televigion Parents watch some US TV news and James Anderson recommends a favourite celebrity guest star and some reality TV, as does Charlie. From Gauntletgirl : Buzzfeed on their Favourite TV of 2015 Recommendations:- Snog, Marry, […]

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Episode 15 – Tiny Televigion

Being on holiday doesn’t mean no TV, it just means a smaller screen than usual. Plus lots of cakes. Contained within we have Correspondence :- Rachel pushes James to be less pretentious and Gauntletgirl sings the praises of Don’t Tell the Bride. Buzzfeed Article on Don’t Tell the Bride moving to Sky 1 Guardian Article on celebrity guest […]

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Episode 14 – Televigion Feast and Famine

Some Televigion days are filled with nothing but the screen. Some don’t involve pressing the power button on at all. As long as some TV is watched, all should be well. Contained within we have Correspondence :- The Televigion Parents highlight an unwatchable interview with Jocelyn Stevenson, James Walker has more thoughts about Peep Show Recommendations:- Received […]

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