Episode 17 – Televigion BOGOF

It is time for a change in Televigion. Rachel and James are co-hosting this week and that may be the way of things from now on. Conversations every time! We start proceedings with a discussion of what makes US podcasts different and then we delve into Christmas TV and James’ Christmas Radio Times ritual. Also featured this week […]

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Episode 16 – The Ghosts of Televigion Past

It looks like Christmas nostalgia has done wonders for James’ memory of Televigion past. Thanks Christmas Gold! Contained within we have Correspondence :- The Televigion Parents watch some US TV news and James Anderson recommends a favourite celebrity guest star and some reality TV, as does Charlie. From Gauntletgirl : Buzzfeed on their Favourite TV of 2015 Recommendations:- Snog, Marry, […]

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Episode 15 – Tiny Televigion

Being on holiday doesn’t mean no TV, it just means a smaller screen than usual. Plus lots of cakes. Contained within we have Correspondence :- Rachel pushes James to be less pretentious and Gauntletgirl sings the praises of Don’t Tell the Bride. Buzzfeed Article on Don’t Tell the Bride moving to Sky 1 Guardian Article on celebrity guest […]

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