Episode 17 – Televigion BOGOF

It is time for a change in Televigion. Rachel and James are co-hosting this week and that may be the way of things from now on. Conversations every time! We start proceedings with a discussion of what makes US podcasts different and then we delve into Christmas TV and James’ Christmas Radio Times ritual.

Also featured this week

Correspondence :- Many celebrity guest star suggestions; makecreatemore on A Very Murray Christmas; and Gauntletgirl on Reality TV


Gilmore Girls (nowhere currently!) and Nashville (Amazon Prime) from Gauntletgirl;

Transparent (Amazon Prime) from makecreatemore and Phil O’Shea, a double recommendation;

James recommends Sex and the Sitcom (BBC iPlayer)

What’s On Now:- Tripped (E4); Fargo (Channel 4); Supergirl (Sky 1)

Top of the Pile:- Supergirl (Sky 1)

Disappointment:- Tripped Episode 2 (E4)

We’d love to know your Christmas TV rituals and any more celebrity guest star suggestions, favourites or faux-pas. Less than a week to the next one so get in touch soon!

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