Episode 16 – The Ghosts of Televigion Past

It looks like Christmas nostalgia has done wonders for James’ memory of Televigion past. Thanks Christmas Gold!

Contained within we have

Correspondence :- The Televigion Parents watch some US TV news and James Anderson recommends a favourite celebrity guest star and some reality TV, as does Charlie.

From Gauntletgirl : Buzzfeed on their Favourite TV of 2015

Recommendations:- Snog, Marry, Avoid (BBC3); Gogglebox (Channel 4); First Dates (Channel 4)

What’s On Now:- Doctor Who Series 9 (BBC1); Tripped (E4); Crackanory (Dave)

“On Demand”s My Attention:- A Very Murray Christmas (Netflix)

Top of the Pile:- Doctor Who – Hell Bent (BBC1)

Disappointment:- Tripped Episode 1 (E4)

The Christmas Radio Times is available today so that will take many hours of devotion before next week. Other topics for correspondence: US TV news and networks, favourite celebrity cameos and more reality TV recommendations please!

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