Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, squeeee!

I’m not sure I could be more excited for this. It remains one of my favourite reading experiences, I was so completely immersed in just my sort of world. I think the BBC will do it justice. James Stewart Advertisements

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Community – Six Seasons and a Move-y away from what it once was

I currently watch the latest episodes of Community recorded from a television channel I did not previously know I had access to, Sony Entertainment Television. Contrary to my previous post, I’m quite glad it is not available in the same way as in the US, on Yahoo Screen. If each episode didn’t sit recorded on […]

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In a World… (of region locking)

Veep is pretty great. This is not news to many. However, I’m only partway through Season 2. I picked it up for £10 in HMV relatively recently and had a stilted but positive chat with the cashier about the fact it is pretty great. One thing I love is that every character is treated equally horribly. […]

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Post One: Start as you might possibly intend to go on

Welcome. This is a new outlet for all (most) of my thoughts on entertainment I have experienced. I’m going to set some ground rules that are susceptible to change, that being the nature of rules in life. 1. These are not reviews. They are intended to be thoughts sprung from televisual experiences. Leading on to… 2. These are televisual […]

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