SunTrap – It’s Probably a Review

I knew very little about SunTrap before some Twitter recommendations earlier this week. I’m pretty sure they were from sources I would ordinarily trust, so I set up a recording. In the spirit of trying to stay current, I thought I’d watch it on premiere night and share some thoughts. I imagine this show will […]

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Comedy is Better This Week, Fact

You may already know my feelings on Community. If not, here it goes in 6 words. Once brilliant, then awful, now tired. I’ll also give the same treatment to Parks and Recreation. Pale imitation, too calculated, still funny. Yesterday’s viewing changed this. I watched Community S6 Ep11 “Modern Espionage” and Parks and Recreation S4 Ep11 “The […]

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“Untitled” Just Took the Louie Crown (spoilers)

Why am I writing about Louie? It is an almost universally acclaimed television program and comes from a man lauded as the king of stand up by a huge number of my heroes. I know that week on week, I will be impressed and entertained. The latest episode of Season 5 however, managed to surprise […]

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State of the Televigion Union

The time has come for transparency within the world of Televigion. There now follows a comprehensive list of all known series and seasons underway in the House of Televigion; those started and halted, those eagerly awaited on a charmingly retro week-to-week basis, those binged or re-binged and those stuck on while doing something else. Not included are […]

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Supergirl – First Look

Here’s a first look at a new superhero series – six and a half minutes of CBS’ Supergirl that should arrive in the US in November. I wonder what good this preview does – it might give a flavour of the show but when the preview has the form of the worst sort of blockbuster […]

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A Televigion Experiment – The Mimic

I know too much about television. Almost everything I watch has prior knowledge attached and thus the weight of expectation. I rarely have the chance to form my own opinions away from the general consensus. So, earlier this week, I decided to embark upon an experiment. Method Trawl through BBC iPlayer, Netflix and 4oD to […]

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“Fed Up”, Louis Theroux and Making Your Point

Yesterday I watched “Fed Up” on Netflix and became very scared. [The official site for “Fed Up” –] It is a documentary, claiming to be revelatory, about the negative impact that sugar and Big Food has on the health of Americans particularly; though it does extend to the rest of the world as so-called Big […]

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