Summer Comedy

It’s a joy to spend time listening to very funny men in a relaxed and likely boring situation.

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Hereditary Thoughts (no spoilers)

I was very excited to see the film but left feeling a little underwhelmed. There was certainly plenty of tension and interesting visual choices for a horror film but it didn’t really add up to much by the end.

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Seeing Eyes

We’re scared of looking into eyes because it reminds us that everyone we see in the world has an internal life we know nothing about. It’s harder to judge their physical appearance or place them into easily consumable categories if we realise they have known grief and pleasure, they feel the weight of their world every day and have done poos. Loads of poos.

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I’m very drawn to horror just now. My favourite entertainment is often opposite to what I have a desire to create myself or I’m feeling at the time. I’m probably feeling a bit unstructured and at a loose end and not at all murdery.

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