Sat 9th June – Sat on my sofa, thinking about lunch but leaving it as a reward for finishing this post.

I’ve just watched Hush on Netflix, after performing a mild clear-out of ‘My List’. That list can quickly become a trash-pile of good intentions, series that lost my interest after a few episodes and stand up. I’m feeling a lot of hate for stand up at the moment. I can see the tricks and the self-importance too clearly.

I wonder what Netflix Zero feels like, finishing everything on ‘My List’? I don’t think it’s possible, given the addictive and easy click on the latest additions. It’s feasible that Netflix adds things and you just assume you did it.

So, it seems I chose horror on this gloriously sunny Saturday morning. Hush is a home invasion story where the protagonist is deaf. I’d heard good things before adding it on Netflix and my horror interest has been piqued by the glowing reviews of the new film Hereditary, which is coming to all of our nightmares soon, and finally loading up Resident Evil VII on PSVR at our latest game night (obviously I forced guests to play so I could watch safely and judge my ability to ever sleep again).

I enjoyed Hush for staying lean and engaging, but there were a couple of forced moments of IMPORTANT THING FOR LATER. Horror has a formula and sometimes that appeals to me. And what really appeals is a knowledge and inversion of that formula. Or visual invention.

My favourites:- I love The Thing for the grotesque and the tension. The Orphanage utterly terrified me in the cinema. The Cabin in the Woods really went for it, but didn’t quite pull it off.

I’m very drawn to horror just now. My favourite entertainment is often opposite to what I have a desire to create myself or I’m feeling at the time. I’m probably feeling a bit unstructured and at a loose end and not at all murdery.

Any thoughts on the appeal to you (or otherwise) of horror, or any recommendations please do comment below.


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