Summer Comedy

It’s a joy to spend time listening to very funny men in a relaxed and likely boring situation.

I’ve had a reduced week of TV this week as we’ve had my sister to stay. You know how it is; real life conversations, dinner at the table, all that baloney.

One of the things I did put on for us all was Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing from BBC2, a show where two quite famous comedians who are very good friends go fishing and are naturally funny with each other. The motivation was to help Bob Mortimer get back out into the world following a serious heart operation, Paul Whitehouse having had similar but less serious heart issues. It’s a joy to spend time listening to very funny men in a relaxed and likely boring situation. It’s a bit like the sort of podcast I always listen to, comedians messing about or vaguely interviewing each other, only there’s also nice scenery, occasional fish and the encroaching threat of mortality.

I also snuck in Stath Lets Flats. This one was even on night of broadcast, though roughly 40 minutes later than the TV schedule. I was a little worried about this sitcom, starring and created by Jamie Demetriou. The show was getting a lot of promotion in the run up to broadcast and so I assumed it might be lacking and in need of a push.

I think my main worries were about it aiming for awkwardness, without any heart. Irritating and thoughtless people as comedy1. My other worry now is that it has used everything up in episode 1 and might not have more to offer. But it could be a huge breath of fresh sitcom air.

All three of us watching were laughing out loud in both programs. Quite a week for new comedy2.

1 A bit like why I couldn’t stand more than fifteen minutes of This Country. Though given the praise that has received, I may be wrong; please do let me know.

2 It’s great to have a couple of great new comedies in one week, but according to Chortle, ratings were low for both.


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