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Televigion 2019

Hello, it’s a brand new year and time to re-evaluate Televigion once more!

As it turns out, we achieved an American season’s worth of episodes (22 full episodes, plus a special) for Pilot Season in 2018. We had a brand new episode every week from June until November and were proud to be actively engaging with television, watching a whole host of shows and documenting our immediate reactions for our growing audience.

Rachel and I have both been feeling bad about letting our attention slip from producing a very enjoyable podcast, but it is an appropriate time for a pause point, what with various bouts of international travel and expanding projects in our worlds of work.

My intention is to continue to write up responses to TV I’ve watched and share them here. They won’t be reviews, my aim is to be more conversational and open to discussion. I will also try to ensure that Rachel’s point of view is expressed as much as possible!

The first of these reponses will follow now, or in a little while later today. Thank you for your support of Televigion, which will continue to change for as long as we watch TV!

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Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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