Promoting Broad City (Not My Job…Or Necessary)

Once again, I find myself talking about a show that seems to have pretty universal acclaim. Broad City is a wonderful success, masterfully achieving the difficult transition from web to television. And it is very funny. It most reminds me of one of my all time favourite sitcoms, Spaced. Obviously it deals with listless twenty-somethings and […]

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SunTrap – It’s Probably a Review

I knew very little about SunTrap before some Twitter recommendations earlier this week. I’m pretty sure they were from sources I would ordinarily trust, so I set up a recording. In the spirit of trying to stay current, I thought I’d watch it on premiere night and share some thoughts. I imagine this show will […]

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Comedy is Better This Week, Fact

You may already know my feelings on Community. If not, here it goes in 6 words. Once brilliant, then awful, now tired. I’ll also give the same treatment to Parks and Recreation. Pale imitation, too calculated, still funny. Yesterday’s viewing changed this. I watched Community S6 Ep11 “Modern Espionage” and Parks and Recreation S4 Ep11 “The […]

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“Untitled” Just Took the Louie Crown (spoilers)

Why am I writing about Louie? It is an almost universally acclaimed television program and comes from a man lauded as the king of stand up by a huge number of my heroes. I know that week on week, I will be impressed and entertained. The latest episode of Season 5 however, managed to surprise […]

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A Televigion Experiment – The Mimic

I know too much about television. Almost everything I watch has prior knowledge attached and thus the weight of expectation. I rarely have the chance to form my own opinions away from the general consensus. So, earlier this week, I decided to embark upon an experiment. Method Trawl through BBC iPlayer, Netflix and 4oD to […]

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A Bit of a Cop-Out

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has good associations for me. Season 1 was on UK TV while we had our Australian flatmates living with us last year and was an enjoyable shared weekly event. Shared TV is a different beast than things enjoyed alone or just with my closest person (not a euphemism) and shared sitcoms, broadcast and […]

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