Comedy is Better This Week, Fact

You may already know my feelings on Community. If not, here it goes in 6 words.

Once brilliant, then awful, now tired.

I’ll also give the same treatment to Parks and Recreation.

Pale imitation, too calculated, still funny.

Yesterday’s viewing changed this. I watched Community S6 Ep11 “Modern Espionage” and Parks and Recreation S4 Ep11 “The Comeback Kid”. Both of these episodes revitalised my thoughts on their respective programs. Community finally made me laugh out loud and held my attention, fully, for the whole runtime. Parks and Recreation used each of the characters in balance, working together for a common goal and built to a truly hilarious and beautifully paced comedy sequence on an ice rink (with perfectly judged musical accompaniment), full of satisfying payoffs and wonderful slapstick.

Community didn’t (paint)balls it up.
Parks and Recreation did an ice job.

So was my mind coincidentally changed by the eleventh episode of the season of two separate series on the same day? Are eleventh episodes known for being game-changers in long running sitcoms? Is the fact that Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2 Ep19 “Sabotage” was lacklustre and forgettable, further incontrovertible proof of the importance of the number 11 to Televigion?

Nah, numerology is bunkum. I imagine whatever deity rules over Televigion – showrunner seems appropriate – was just smiling down on (out to?) me today when it came to two of my three sitcom viewings.

It is also possible I am in a mood more suited to enjoying comedy having achieved my major tasks for the week. This is why I’m not a huge fan of writing reviews – they depend so utterly on the full context of the reviewer and are presented far too often as fact. Fact that I often seek out for myself from other sources, of course. I’m more interested in general discussion and debate. So please, get in touch and tell me how wrong I am. Or right or whatever.


By filmboyslim

Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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