The New Televigion

The new plan is to jot down thoughts for public consumption. Not necessarily anything to do with TV, other than the fact that everything my brain does is to do with TV. And if there are any ideas interesting enough, they might become something written for the visual medium.

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Christmas D(el)ay!

Hello and Merry Christmas to you all! Despite our claims on episode 51, we did not manage to record an episode while we were in Newcastle this past weekend (too much Christmas fun going on…) But rest assured, there will be another episode before official Christmas, possibly involving some special guests or possibly just James […]

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Episode 44 – Naked Televigion

This is the fiftieth bit of Televigion! We’re talking a lot more about the Olympics: the good, the bad and the personal. Also, James has actually watched an episode of Naked Attraction so let’s judge it in all of its glory. Plus some discord on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Next time, we need your thoughts on your […]

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Episode 43 – Sunday Lunch

Episode 43 This time, we’re juggling lots of conversations. Televigion in context, deeper discussions of Naked Attraction and what it might mean for civilisation, Olympic and Paralympic Coverage and the formal founding of Televigion Room 101. Not to mention some new shows with great potential, UnREAL and Brain Dead. Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion Blog or via […]

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Episode 42 – Stranger Televigion

Episode 42 – First up, a more in-depth conversation about some of the Comic-Con trailers. Then wide-ranging chats about James Corden, Corn Flakes, nude dating shows and of course, the brilliant Stranger Things on Netflix. Legion (X-Men TV Series) Sherlock Season 4 Teaser Once Upon a Time Season 6 Teaser American Gods Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion Blog or via […]

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Episode 41.5 – Short and Sweet

Just a little snippet of one-sided Televigion chat this week as we’ve had a busy week of gigs, work and illness. If you watched Robot Wars on BBC Two, we’d love to hear your thoughts! And here are the Comic-Con TV trailers James found American Gods Star Trek: Discovery Legion (X-Men TV Series) and the Game of Thrones […]

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