Episode 44 – Naked Televigion

This is the fiftieth bit of Televigion! We’re talking a lot more about the Olympics: the good, the bad and the personal. Also, James has actually watched an episode of Naked Attraction so let’s judge it in all of its glory. Plus some discord on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Next time, we need your thoughts on your favourite “special episodes” as one of ours is coming up!

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Details this week

Room 101

  • Gauntletgirl approves Zooey Deschanel for consignment
  • James watched and approved The Rebel on GOLD for entry to Room 101

Correspondence and Recommendations:-

Current TV

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

Gold Star:-


Top of the Pile:-

The Future

  • A discussion of special episodes! Get in touch!

Thanks for listening!


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