Utopia Seems Almost Perfect (two episodes in)

As you know if you read the previous post, I am busy interacting with the large screen during these two weeks. This is not a betrayal of the ways of Televigion, merely pre-emptive watching of amazing films that would take time away from my TV watching of the future. Forget the excuses, I’m having a […]

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State of the Union Update (a.k.a. Not Much and Then Something)

Hello fellow Televigionists, just a quick update to let you know the reason for the apparent lack of Televigual activity (I’m not sure Televigual has the texture of a word ever to be used again). You see, I – founder of this important gathering of television enthusiasts – have other commitments outwith the small screen. […]

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“7 Days in Hell”, Unspecified Days to UK Airdate

This looks great. A lot of people I know and love – Will Forte steals this teaser, Fred Armisen is involved and likely to steal more. A talented and well known actor going silly – often a recipe for success. But will I get to see it with my outdated and much derided stance on sourcing all […]

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Promoting Broad City (Not My Job…Or Necessary)

Once again, I find myself talking about a show that seems to have pretty universal acclaim. Broad City is a wonderful success, masterfully achieving the difficult transition from web to television. And it is very funny. It most reminds me of one of my all time favourite sitcoms, Spaced. Obviously it deals with listless twenty-somethings and […]

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