Christmas D(el)ay!

Hello and Merry Christmas to you all! Despite our claims on episode 51, we did not manage to record an episode while we were in Newcastle this past weekend (too much Christmas fun going on…) But rest assured, there will be another episode before official Christmas, possibly involving some special guests or possibly just James […]

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Episode 51 – Radio Times Two

Episode 51 We have for you, our loyal listeners, the Televigion picks from the 2016 Radio Times Christmas Edition! Though we had to do it twice due to technical difficulties… Also Home from Home is ordered to series on BBC One. Trailer for The Last Dragonslayer, Sky 1’s big Christmas hope. Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion […]

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Episode 50 – The Golden Episode

For our Golden Episode celebration we spend some time at the cinema, and proceed to dissect the brilliance of Moana and Arrival (WITHOUT ANY SPOILERS). And we discuss the news that Netflix now offer downloads of certain programs Contact us on Twitter, online at The Televigion Blog or via Details this week Correspondence and Recommendations:- The Televigion Mum gave some […]

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