Episode 25 – The Quarter Century

The Televigion Podcast Episode 25! We have reached the quarter century of Televigion! So it is time to look to the past…

The latest revival news is that Bryan Fuller will be showrunner for the new Star Trek and we chat through a lot more of our own Revival, Reboot or Reimagining examples and some from our listeners too. With thanks to

and of course

For more discussion along the same lines check out The Parish Counsel Episode 242 hosted by Terence Dackombe and That Juliet 

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Current TV:-

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

Gold Star (used to be Top of the Pile):-

Top of the Pile:-

  • Huxley (the) Pig S1, Amazon Prime
  • Nickelodeon Toons (Aaah Real Monsters, CatDog, Two Angry Beavers, Rocko’s Modern Life) from Amazon Prime

Next time, there’s new Better Call Saul, more Happy Valley and too much else to mention. Send us your responses to our extended chat!

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