Episode 26 – Bingo!

A little later than usual we bring you episode 26, a boring number but a much better episode.

We have news of a new BBC venture, Too Much TV – a daily TV discussion show at 6.30pm every weekday on BBC Two. Anything that promotes more TV conversations must be a good thing! Plus it has a Spice Girl involved.


  • Big hello to our Brazilian listeners and readers!
  • Word from Australia as Freya has some commentary thoughts, mixed with some secret Stewart and Timney/Poole correspondence and Tina Fey discussion!
  • The Televigion Mum has a little more to say on reboots.


Lucky Dip:-

Current TV:-

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

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Top of the Pile:-

Next time, we have another major topic to discuss – what makes great characters? Who are your favourites of all time? Or alternatively, what makes some characters terrible?

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