Episode 24 – Films, Musicals and Revivals, Oh My!

This week, we’re moving away from television but still in Televigion. Rachel and James have been watching films – specifically Rush and Man Up (both on Amazon Prime)

NB The film Rachel referred to is The Break-Up

Correspondence :-


  • Sad news – Silicon Valley is not on demand anywhere…
  • But Victorian Bakers (BBC2) and Shetland (BBC1) are both hits with us!

Lucky Dip:-

Current TV:-

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

Gold Star (used to be Top of the Pile):-


  • Nope!

Top of the Pile:-

  • Anything Disney
  • Hannibal

For episode 25 the theme is Revivals, so get in touch with anything you think should return, anything ruined by a reboot or any successful reinventions!

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