Supergirl – First Look

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl
Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Here’s a first look at a new superhero series – six and a half minutes of CBS’ Supergirl that should arrive in the US in November.

I wonder what good this preview does – it might give a flavour of the show but when the preview has the form of the worst sort of blockbuster trailer showing every plot beat, surely it lessens the impact when the pilot hits. It has certainly sparked discussion and there are worryingly easy comparisons to the SNL Black Widow sketch:-

But giving it the benefit of the doubt, assuming a terrible edit to fit the six minute preview format, it might manage to blend humour and superheroics with a female lead.

I’ve heard that sort of tone would be following a lead that The Flash has taken (The Flash would definitely take the lead, I hear he’s fast). Maybe The Flash is the next show that should be on the Televigion list? Let me know what you think, readers.


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