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The time has come for transparency within the world of Televigion. There now follows a comprehensive list of all known series and seasons underway in the House of Televigion; those started and halted, those eagerly awaited on a charmingly retro week-to-week basis, those binged or re-binged and those stuck on while doing something else. Not included are unstarted good intentions (e.g. Fargo, Extant, Utopia) or shows completed and awaiting a forthcoming season (e.g.Doctor Who, Bojack Horseman, Better Call Saul).

NB I have followed series/season naming conventions based on the country of origin. I’d rather it was consistent but “Inside No. 9 season 2” feels utterly wrong.

  • 30 Rock Season 4 – (DVD) A re-binge, now moving onto episodes I haven’t seen before thanks to the complete boxset in HMV for £20. I expect this information will cause a mass panic rush.
  • Parks and Recreation Season 4 – (DVD) New to me, having always viewed it as a lesser cousin of The Office (US). Now willing to have my mind changed.
  • Mr Show Season 1 – (DVD) New to me, interested to see the early work of many people I admire.
  • Daredevil Season 1 – (Netflix) Halted at episode 5 for no good reason other than distraction to other shows. And life etc.
  • Game of Thrones Season 5 – (Sky 0n Demand) Watching week to week. Improving as it goes (very worried during the first two episodes).
  • Louie Season 5 – (FX) Watching week to week. Impeccable.
  • Broad City Season 1 – About to watch week to week recorded from Comedy Central, caught up through Sky on Demand in a three episode binge two nights ago. It currently most reminds me of Spaced, one of my favourite TV shows ever.
  • Inside Amy Schumer Season 1 – As Broad City above. Clips from season 3 were everywhere on social media so I’m starting at the beginning, where the UK is. The heights I’ve seen seem a little way off at present.
  • W1A Series 2 – (BBC1) Halted 40 minutes into episode 1. Most of the Televigional congregation watching needed to go to bed.
  • Inside No. 9 Series 2 – (BBC2) Halted at episode 5. Recorded and reliant on achieving matched moods between myself and my co-habiting Televigionist.
  • America in Primetime – (DVD) Halted at episode 2. Dangerous to watch as it immediately leads to more TV shows to explore.
  • The Twilight Zone Season 1 – (Blu-ray) Halted at episode 4. Incredibly watchable for being nearly 60 years old, but requires a specific mood.
  • Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish Series 2 – (Sky on Demand) Watched once co-habitee has gone to bed, usually while doing something else.
  • Adam Buxton’s Bug – (Sky on Demand) Halted at episode 6. Very funny but samey when consumed in bulk.
  • Moone Boy Series 3 – (Sky on Demand) Halted at episode 3, first two series were brilliant but I fear it may have lost its way.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 – (E4) Watched week to week, not sure why I continue to slog (see previous post The epitome of “sticking something on” for me.
  • Community Season 6 – (Sony Entertainment Television) Watched week to week, not sure… Oh wait. See Brooklyn Nine-Nine above. But with this link –
  • Archer Season 2 – (Netflix) Halted at episode 3. Used to be my “show to cook to”, hasn’t inspired me to return.
  • Orange is the New Black Season 2 – (Netflix) Halted at episode 7. Fell off the radar, perhaps not engaging enough.
  • Deadwood Season 1 – (DVD) Halted at episode 6. Re-binge as introduction to co-habitee of the absolute height of Televigion. For now. In my current mood. Requires concentration and wakefulness.
  • Danger 5 Season 2 – (Netflix) Halted partway through episode 1. Well made but the joke wears thin quickly. Watched all of season 1 to get to the promised genre change for season 2 but I am not inspired.
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – This shouldn’t be here but I haven’t been this excited about TV in a long time. It will be top priority.

All of the above is an attempt to start discussions with you the readers, loyal followers and one-time clickers equally welcomed. Let me know if I need to keep going to get to the good stuff, if I should give up entirely, if there is something vital missing from the list or if you want to congratulate or cajole me on any matter arising.

Please comment below or tweet me:-

In Person Communication (IPC) is also accepted. I also don’t promise to be as witty, due to less thinking time etc.


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