Episode 34 – The Returning Situation

Look who’s back! It’s been three and a half weeks and we’ve missed talking Televigion a heck of a lot. We finally kick off our discussion of sitcoms and what they mean to us, creating definitions and committing to a book deal along the way. But we need your thoughts on the matter too!

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NB Here is the PBS documentary about the evolution of TV, America in Primetime, for those in the US

Details this week

Correspondence and Recommendations:-

  • Gauntletgirl
    • The Aliens (All4)- “very good, Sci fi but not really, full of British actors you’ll recognise from other things. Have seen the whole series and hope it gets another.”
    • Undercover, (BBC1, Sundays, 9pm) – “I like it but it does take concentration,  two different times now and 90s. It’s a drama about the police rather than a police drama, if you see what I mean. Think there’s a couple of episodes left to go in the series.”

Current TV:-

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

Gold Star:-


Top of the Pile:-

Thanks for listening!


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