If You’re Not Watching Kids Tv You’re Missing Out

Some more in depth thoughts from the man who inspired a whole section of episode 4 of the podcast. Give it a read!


We are living through the ‘Golden Age of Television’. Since the early 2000’s there has been mega hit after mega hit on television. The Soprano’s, The Wire and Game of Thrones are just a sliver of the giant pie that is high end television. With the dominance of streaming now enshrined it’s unlikely that the television epic is going away for a while at least. Some time ago a meeting somewhere was held, probably in secret, where a group of film makers and writers decided amongst themselves that television was no longer going to be the dull little brother of cinema. It was going to borrow heavily and steal it’s actors like the suave little brother stealing the others girlfriend. Things were awkward for a while but the two finally know how to live with each other. Quietly however there has been another revolution in television thats gone unseen by…

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By filmboyslim

Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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