Post One: Start as you might possibly intend to go on

Welcome. This is a new outlet for all (most) of my thoughts on entertainment I have experienced. I’m going to set some ground rules that are susceptible to change, that being the nature of rules in life.

1. These are not reviews. They are intended to be thoughts sprung from televisual experiences. Leading on to…

2. These are televisual experiences. Sitting at home in front of a 32 inch screen. This includes any broadcast TV, On Demand or streaming service and possibly anything disc shaped inserted into any device connected to that TV. This doesn’t preclude film but the focus is television, my passion since I had eyes that could focus. Leading on to…

3. The televisual choices are genres and programs I’m passionate about. This will mean a focus on comedy, science fiction and serials with a unique and strong voice. And occasionally other things that I happen to see.

See, even now, at the end of rule three, it’s all getting a bit wishy washy.

So, what have I watched recently that makes me want to say something?

Raised by Wolves Series 1 Episode 6 – The Dorch

4oD Link –

I’ve had the Raised by Wolves pilot recorded on my V+ box since Christmas 2013, when it piqued my interest during the annual Christmas Radio Times scouring that any sane person undertakes. I eventually watched it as I flailed around on 4oD one late evening last week, desperate for something new. Over the course of two nights I watched every episode and felt joy. Joy at the distinct and engaging characters and the introduction to a world I had never known but felt familiar. It combines some of the best aspects of the breadth of sitcom possibility in one show – characters believably spouting one-liners within the reality of the show and flawed, rounded people reflecting reality so that you can’t help but care about them.

Raised by Wolves is refreshing comedy. The final episode I watched on the night of broadcast (yesterday), feeling like I’d caught up to something special.

(Extra info – A Den of Geek interview with Caroline Moran, co-writer of Raised by Wolves:

So there we are, a taste of what is to come. Unless the next post is a 3000 word review of the latest cinema blockbuster. Or a blank verse poem of my eating habits in the last five years.


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Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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