Pilot Season Podcast

Pilot Season Episode 3: Cloak and Dagger

This episode is all about Cloak and Dagger, the latest televisual foray into the Marvel Superhero (and Cinematic) Universe. The show is about a pair of teenagers who develop related superpowers due to a traumatic shared incident in their past. The first season is appearing weekly every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.


The Televigion Podcast – Episode 2

For your aural perusal (aurusal?) we have another podcast episode Episode 2 – Televigion Continues Of course, if you care to subscribe then the Televigion Podcast on iTunes might be useful. If you listen, I would love you to get in touch. (Comment on this post, tweet Televigion or email me) Happy listening!

State of the Union


I’m back. And I’m disappointed. Not in you, you’ve done exactly as I would like and clicked on my link. Or at least read the short descri… …ption. I’m disappointed in two shows I was very excited about. Utopia was the subject of the post before this one. I’m now post film festival, post holiday […]