Pilot Season Episode 18: Doctor Who ‘Rose’

Episode 18

Televigion has returned! In a new more focused format and with a new name, Pilot Season.

We (James and Rachel) will be recording regular episodes where we have watched the pilot episode of a show and then we’ll chat for roughly half an hour. Sometimes we’ll know the show, and sometimes we won’t. Sometimes we’ll like the show, and sometimes we won’t. But we promise to have fun discussing it.

This episode we have longtime podcast supporter and contributor Suky Khakh as our special guest and we’re all watching Rose on the BBC iPlayer , the first episode of Doctor Who’s triumphant return in 2005, inspired by the latest return of Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker taking over as The Doctor.

For the future we’re looking for recommendations and guests! Get in touch with us:- Televigion on TwitterJames on TwitterRachel on Instagram, Rachel on Twitter, The Televigion Blog or televigionist@gmail.com.

NB Suky can also be found as a regular guest on the Progtor Who Podcast and wanted to recommend the Doctor Who’s Line Is It Anyway Podcast

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