Episode 23 – Lucky Dip

The Televigion Podcast Episode 23!

Inspired by bonus episode interview with Ben Verth, Rachel and James start off with a discussion of communal watching, Televigion guilt and seeing TV being made.

Correspondence :-

  • From the Televigion Mum: The many talents of James Corden, inspired by this clip Rod Stewart Carpool with James Corden
  • The VSCM agrees with previous correspondence on many shows
  • Gauntletgirl tells us her animation memories and inspires a discussion of Generational Definition (including defining Twentyfirsties)

Some links courtesy of Gauntletgirl


Lucky Dip:-

Current TV:-

  • Nothing much going on!

“On Demand”s My Attention:-

Top of the Pile:-


  • Nope!

The Televigion Commentary is coming this Monday 1st February, watch Parks and Recreation S4, E13 Bowling for Votes (not a video link…) along with me and James Walker!

Any other thoughts, feelings, despairs or joys, then do get in touch!

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