Episode 20 – Happy New Televigion!

Rachel and James have changed the way they watch TV and have a lot to catch you up on. Including a veritable smorgasbord of correspondence!

This week in summary

Correspondence :-The Very Special Correspondent Mum (VSCM) has a right to reply about the Gauntletgirl episode, Freya sends in some fascinating Australian thoughts and Gauntletgirl explores the January new series selection.

From Gauntletgirl : – Deutschland 83BeowulfJerichoFrom Dusk Till Dawn The SeriesWar and Peace

NB The David Tennant and Kelly McDonald film Rachel refers to is The Decoy Bride


Christmas TV:- The Husbands of River Song; lots of BBC Christmas comedy

“On Demand”s My Attention:- Happy Valley S1 (DVD)

Top of the Pile:- Peter Kay: 20 Years of Funny and Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe

Disappointment:- Most of the rest of BBC Christmas comedy…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Sherlock:The Abominable Bride and any of your own Christmas viewing. And get some recommendations in for new 2016 shows, we’re sure to have missed some!

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Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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