The Televigion Podcast Episode 12 – Televigion Dozen’t Mean Reviews

Televigion goes back to its roots and away from reviewing, Televigion is about discussing our experiences of watching the screen. And that seems to make for a longer episode!

Contained within we have

Correspondence :- gauntletgirl becomes the “Very Special Correspondent” and chats historical drama, Rachel discusses binge-watching.

Recommendations:- Desperate Housewives (Sky Go); Master of None (Netflix); Gigglebiz (CBeebies); The Hunt (BBC1)

What’s On Now:- Doctor Who Series 9 (BBC1); Peep Show (Channel 4); Fargo (Channel 4); You, Me and the Apocalypse (Sky 1); The Muppets (Sky 1) and an evening of sitcom (Detectorists, Chewing Gum and Catastrophe)

“On Demand”s My Attention:- HitRecord on TV S1 (Netflix)

Top of the Pile:- Something we’ve waited a while for…

Disappointments:- London Spy (BBC1)

It’s all about On Demand next week – Jessica Jones, With Bob and David, The Man in the High Castle!

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