The Televigion Podcast Episode 8 – Back to Reality

James is back in Edinburgh. His TV is nearby.

But his laptop’s constant hum indicates the all-consuming post-production process. You’ve still got to watch TV though, right?

Here’s episode 8!

We need you! What should we watch for Televigion Commentary?

And let us know what you think of The Muppets on Sky 1 and Fargo Season 2 on Channel 4.

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2 replies on “The Televigion Podcast Episode 8 – Back to Reality”

I agree that Doctor Who has gotten slightly stale with Clara still being the companion, the arch with Danny was interesting and I felt like it would have been quite a Doctor Who-ish thing to do ending a companion’s time in a nice neat and happy fashion. Alas, it was not to be, instead we have Clara now making episodes slightly predictable even though the angle of the stories are quite different from past seasons. After watching Episode 5 I am actually quite looking forward to how Massie Williams character will be intwined into the current Doctor Who universe, and hope that it will has the same effect as a side character that is immortal that Captain Jack did.

Having just finished university for the year I have yet been able to properly dedicate the time to watch many shows, but now being a free man will follow up on your recommendations from previous episodes. I am most looking forward to seeing Last man on Earth, which keeps being recommended, as well as You, me and the apocalypse (which just by the titles seem to be following a similar theme).

The commentary bonus episode sounds like a great idea, and I feel a sit-com would be perfect, both for timing and accessibility for listeners. Things to consider would be if this was something you’re going to have watched before so you’re able to give greater knowledge, or whether we as the listeners would be experiencing it just as you’re for a first time. Can’t wait to hear about this, and your next episodes views on Doctor Who.

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