The Televigion Podcast is 5 episodes old! And wants to know how you feel…

Is the podcast reaching emotional maturity?

Probably not at only 5 episodes old but it now knows what emotions are.

Here’s episode 5!

How do you feel about Doctor Who? Or This is England?

What has made you emotional on TV, any time in your life?

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By filmboyslim

Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

2 replies on “The Televigion Podcast is 5 episodes old! And wants to know how you feel…”

It is possible to sit in the company of TV without it stirring any emotion in us. However I use the phrase “in the company of TV” deliberately as , for many people, company is what it provides in the absence of other people around us. In that form it is important emotional support not readily available when those close to us are not within easy reach

Day time magazine programmes provided my long widowed mother with live conversation which was otherwise missing in her home day to day as she lived alone.
TV provides friendly noise for me in a still and empty house when I finish work for the day as my husband works away from home.
As a homeworker, lunchtime TV is a distraction from work for an hour while I eat. Through watching something easy on the brain for that short time, I am (usually) revived and ready to get back to work productively for the afternoon hours.

TV also, however, stirs many emotions in us: there’s the giggling girl reaction of an otherwise emotionally controlled man to lines about mince and tatties from The Steamie; the heart racing screaming at sporting TV like when Andy Murray won Wimbledon and then gold at the Olympics; bewildered disbelief at news events like the tumbling of the twin towers; deep sadness, humility and guilt at children’s rise against suffering, loss and exploitation during charity fundraising TV like Children’ In Need and Comic Relief; side splitting joy at comedy we easily connect with because we see ourselves in it ( Peter Kay in Car Pool) or the absurdity of the situation being described (Bill Bailey).

Which brings me to Dr Who. Truthfully, I am largely connected to Dr Who only through marriage and motherhood. However, the introduction of “Missy” has almost turned me into a direct relation of the programme after the two episodes of this current series.
Her character is hilarious, sharp witted and unforgiving – comments like “and we only have a pointy stick” had me fully tuned in waiting for her next cutting remark.
In my view she completely eclipses Clara Oswald who should have been allowed to go the way of the other daleks and turn to sludge. Missy and Peter Capaldi are made for each other – I hope we find out they were!

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