Community – Six Seasons and a Move-y away from what it once was

I currently watch the latest episodes of Community recorded from a television channel I did not previously know I had access to, Sony Entertainment Television. Contrary to my previous post, I’m quite glad it is not available in the same way as in the US, on Yahoo Screen. If each episode didn’t sit recorded on my V+ box from a previously unknown channel I might forget about it entirely (Sony Entertainment Television show NewsRadio reruns apparently, elevating my opinion of them immensely).

As with many eventual televigion obsessions, my Community life began with taking a punt on a new sitcom box-set while in America. I had heard good things and was rewarded for my bravery with an intelligent and thoughtful show with flashes of inspiration. Then season 2 happened and I fell in love. A sitcom, my earliest obsession, that knew it was a sitcom and knew it well. Season 3 also placed itself in the “excellent” category but peaked in the third episode with “Remedial Chaos Theory”, the purest form of Community imaginable.

And then I gave up. I heard about the problems, the possible cancellations, the leaving of the showrunner; all at some remove as I was catching up on DVD.

Season 4 happened and all the brief things I read made me sad.

Season 5 happened and there appeared to be some hope.

Then it all appeared on Netflix. Just in time for season 6 starting. I binged. I forced myself through some episodes. I even, sin of all televigional sins, got distracted by my phone during some of them. Season 5 was good, Jonathan Banks as Professor Buzz Hickey a highlight –  he had something new to say.

And now, season 6. It makes me laugh. I don’t mind the longer episodes, when I don’t notice that they are long (e.g. episode 4 – Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing that fully engaged me and would have felt cramped in 22 minutes). I also very much like Frankie – she has something new to say. But I’m not sure it should exist. Dan Harmon might agree – from Uproxx

I think Community has said all it needs to. It had probably done this by S3E3 “Remedial Chaos Theory”. Such a strong voice as Dan Harmon’s has been diluted to the point that we’ve seen everything he has to offer with these characters. New characters allow him new avenues, hence the bright sparks of Professor Hickey and Frankie. The Dean is an exception, I haven’t tired of him at all. That is likely through sheer force of personality and performance by the incredible Jim Rash.

I will watch to the end of this season, and probably even the movie. But I’m more interested in the new people and worlds that Dan Harmon will create.


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Almost certainly a man who attempts to be funny and/or creative for a living. Actor, filmmaker, writer & optimist.

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